A R Rahman

  • Event Communication Design

A R Rahman, the Oscar winning music director had changed the nature of his concerts. His concerts had a lesser number of stage performers but they were powered by innovative and top notch production that would scale up the overall experience.

The task at hand was to design the communication that would suit this changed nature.


To project AR Rahman as a Rockstar Stage Performer, a thing that would be difficult to resonate with him in the past.


To match the changed nature of the concert the creative team decided to change the complete visual appeal of the event collateral.

The first step was to shed the maestro’s identity that the past collaterals had developed. The new designs projected AR Rahman as a Rockstar Stage Performer. The designs had a flashy appeal and would illustrate the energy that an audience would experience at his concerts. Innovative art forms such as illustrations and line-drawings were also introduced.


The newer designs brought in newer appeal and a newer audience.