Baker Gauges

  • SEO & SEM Campaigns

BAKER is a solutions provider for linear dimensional measuring needs of the engineering and metal working industry. They manufacture a wide range of products including precision hand-held measuring instruments like micrometers, calipers, dial gauges etc.

The task at our hand was to execute an effective SEO Activity & Google Search Campaigns.


  • To beat well-known brand competitors like mitutoyo, yuzuki and others.

  • Generate maximum leads through SEO and Google Search Campaign

  • Improve organic position in Google Search for 70+ Keywords


To start with SEO and Google Search Campaign was executed with organic & paid medium respectively with specific objectives.

  1. SEO activity with key focus on over 70+ keywords ensured that the website secured maximum organic visibility and visits.

  2. Optimally targeted 100+ Keywords through Google Search Campaign and created objective driven text ads to increase relevance, improve CTR and generate leads.

  3. Product specific Google Search Campaign were directed towards securing qualified leads.

  4. Pedantically curated blogs helped the brand to connect with the target audience.


Execution approach was effective in both – increasing organic position and generating maximum leads. In the span of 2 years, we successfully delivered over

  1. 7K Average Monthly Traffic and 40+ Keywords in Top 10 organic position through SEO activity

  2. 5lac + Impressions, 10K+ Clicks, 800+ Leads through paid campaign